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United Way of Greater Stark County

The United Way Greater Stark County helps agencies and their partners in government, business, and education work better together to unleash new connections and bright ideas for making our community the best it can be.

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An amazing set of tools built into a collaboration network

Eliminate the friction, and focus on your mission.

It's all about getting the community connected for greater collective impact.
--Maria Heege, CEO, United Way of Greater Stark
Working Together

A Community Working Together

United Way Greater Stark County has partnered with Cureo to transform the way your organization and our community work together to get things done. Cureo is web-based software designed especially for working with internal and external stakeholders. Cureo makes it easy to collaborate effectively with the community.

Who Should Join

Who Should Join

United Way of Greater Stark County is for any organization, agency, group, spiritual center or company in your area that desires to work smarter internally, and together as a community.

  • Human service agencies
  • Businesses that interact with the community
  • Arts and culture organizations
  • Grant-writing foundations
  • Civic / community enhancement organizations and clubs
  • Higher education community outreach departments
  • Spiritual centers and churches
  • Youth groups / clubs / scout troops
  • Municipal and county government entities
  • Corporate engagement / volunteers and teams
  • Chambers of commerce and Main Street organizations
  • Economic development organizations
  • Non-Profit agencies
Why Join

Why Join?

It's Collaborative.
File sharing, task management, team messaging, group calendars...all your work in one place.

It's a Network.
One login gets you access to multiple organizations...and multiple organizations have access to you.

It's Easy to Use.
End users have a zero learning curve with simple and straight forward integrations with email and your website.

It's Branded.
Your name, your colors, your logo. Own your customized collaboration space.


It's about Connecting

Change the way you think about file sharing, email, calendars, and tasks like publishing news, reports and updates. Now there’s a better way to collaborate with employees, board members, volunteers, members, congregations and all constituents. A single online identity provides each user with secure and appropriate access to everything that matters when working with the community.

Case Study

From Chaos to Order

humane society

Like many other non-profits, WCHS faced chaos and disorganization. As a group, they felt as if they were constantly rehashing the same issues and had no ability to act quickly and effectively.

Because there are many stakeholders involved in and with the organization, including an all-volunteer board and a number of community partners and governmental agencies, coordination was challenging. It was tough for everyone involved see what was going on. There was little transparency into the communications, documents, and projects happening at any given time. A row of filing cabinets was the only repository of vendor agreements, volunteers, donor history, pet adoption history, and other records necessary to the operations of the shelter. Needless to say, operations required a massive amount of overhead, decisions were slow, and opportunities were missed.

The new reality with Cureo
Since implementing Cureo, WCHS has been able to plan, organize, and execute an entirely new, and very successful, major fundraiser. This was done completely on the Cureo platform. Additionally, internal policies and procedures are now streamlined, much to the relief of the employees and volunteers who, in the past, had been resigned to the fact that things had to be done manually, and often without access to the information they needed “Cureo has provided our organization with a centralized, searchable communication hub. Coordinating meetings, discussing policy changes, or planning fundraising events is now simplified because all conversations and documents are stored and cataloged in one place and can be easily accessed at any time,” said Board President, Melissa Schultz.

A website that says "Hi"
With Cureo, visibility and access to information, communication, and status of projects to those who need it has been greatly simplified. Using Cureo’s easy-to install website plugin, employees, board members, and community partners only have to visit WCHS website to be greeted with relevant and pertinent information. This has created a zero learning curve and a no-effort access point to everything that is important to WCHS.

A happy "tail" for all
The Wayne County Humane Society can now talk about advancing the mission of the organization by taking on new projects, engaging and discovering new community partners, and best of all finding homes for more puppies and kittens.

dog and cat


United Way of Greater Stark County has partnered with Cureo to provide reduced pricing in your area for non-profits.

Non-profit Channel For-profit Channel
Cost $500.00 $250.00 per Year $2000.00 per Year
Unlimited Users
Storage Space 250GB 250GB
Workspaces 5 10
Custom Branding
Full Feature Set
Online and Email Support
Personalized Training Session
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Non-profit Channel $500.00 $250.00 per Year

Unlimited Users
Storage Space 250GB
Workspaces 5
Custom Branding
Full Feature Set
Online and Email Support
Personalized Training Session
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For-profit Channel $2000.00 per Year

Unlimited Users
Storage Space 250GB
Workspaces 10
Custom Branding
Full Feature Set
Online and Email Support
Personalized Training Session
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